Albert Lleal photographer

Photographer and fascinate by nature, my collection is specially strong in nature, closeup, macro and micrography.

Born in Badalona (a town near Barcelona) in 1970, was passionate for nature since childhood. At seventeen years old he discovered his interest in photography which led him to graduate in audio-visual technology and video, while studying singing and vocal technique.

Having worked for years as a professional singer, he left the profession when he began to pursue photography full time in 1995. Over the years he worked on several editorial and audiovisual projects, but soon began to specialize in the nature photography. For two years he worked as a photographer for the Geological Museum of the Seminar in Barcelona learning techniques in paleontologic photography and publishing in several specialized international magazines.

Lleal’s list of clients includes organizations focusing on pro animal rights and environmental protection, scientific institutions and public institutions. His work has been published in many text books, calendars, corporate publications and magazines such as National Geographic Spain or National Geographic France. His articles has been appeared in the most important Spanish magazines and newspaper´s sunday magazines such as El País, La Vanguardia, El Periódico and many others.

Nowadays his image stock is specialli strong in close-up and macrophotography, paleontology, SEM coloured photomicrography and landscapes.